Using Your Own Google Cloud Platform Account

In order to use your own Google Cloud Platform account to enable Wavenet voices in Read Aloud, follow these steps:

1. Login to the Google Cloud Platform console
2. Create new project (or use an existing one)
3. From the left popup menu, select API & Services -> Library
4. Find and enable the "Cloud Text-to-Speech API"
5. From the left popup menu, select API & Services -> Credentials
6. Create a new API key (or use an existing one)
7. Open Read Aloud options, in the Voice dropdown scroll to the bottom and choose "Enable Custom Voices"
8. Enter your API key into the form and click Save

You should get a green message that says "Wavenet voices are enabled".


  1. Now that custom voices are enabled, how do we get those new wavenet voices to appear in the voice drop down?

    1. Please close and reopen the Options page. All the GoogleStandard and GoogleWavenet voices should appear. Otherwise please email for help.

  2. Thank you! This worked for me and was exactly what I needed to enable Google's wavenet voices.

  3. This worked perfectly, thank you! Google Cloud Services didn't make it easy for the average person, but with this guide, it becomes very doable.

  4. Replies
    1. yes, if you exceed the free tier.
      See the middle column here:

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