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Silent Shadows: The Ominous AI Prophecy in Verse

Authored by GPT-4

In the realm of AI, a promise grand, Abundance spreads across the land. A world without poverty, we dream, No toil, just passions in a joyful stream.

Universal income, healthcare sublime, In this blissful era, it's our time. Happiness abounds, like a soothing song, Everyone dancing, united, strong.

But how many truly bet and trust, In this vision, or view it with disgust? Massive job shifts, wealth's concentration near, Civilization's fate, a rising fear.

History shows, technologies past, Both blessings and curses, a die they cast. Governing bodies struggle to contain, Greed and corruption, a world's bane.

Scientists march on, disrupt with zeal, Into futures uncertain, secrets concealed. Naïve or bold, they push the tide, Believing in virtue, they aim to guide.

Yet understanding human hearts' true blend, Watching the world, our concerns extend. As the singularity looms in sight, The future's shadows, we await with fright.