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The Truth about Bitcoin

Unlike an asset that creates value, Bitcoin (and others including gold for that matter) are pure pyramid schemes.  The later buyers pay the gains of the earlier buyers.  At some point the pyramid cannot grow any more, and the people at the foot of the pyramid are left holding the bag.  It's simply a wealth transfer from one person to another.

Unlike other assets such as real estate, no value is created by bitcoin over time.  A house that you own creates value over time in the form of rental yield.  Even if you live in the house and don't rent it out, the house creates value that you consume daily in the form of shelter.  Real estate does have a pyramid component to it in addition to real value creation, and past real estate bubbles faciliated massive wealth transfers between people.

You may invest in Bitcoin to build wealth, there's nothing wrong with that.  But realize whatever wealth you may gain merely came from someone else.